Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Major 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit From The Bible

According to 1 Corinthian 12:1-31 – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit is the study of how Corinthians used their gift to split the church, causing rivalry, jealousy, etc.

Before engaging ourselves in a textural study of the scripture let us have an overview of Gift of the Spirit.

What is these Major 9 Gift of the Holy Spirit?


They are the endowment of special divine abilities on believes for distinctive functions in the body of Christ. This Gifts of the Holy Spirit is classified into 3 Types which are further divided into 9 Major Gifts.


Gift of the Holy Spirit – Classification


There are classified into 3 Major types of Gift of the Holy Spirit:

  1. Gift of Revelation:

There are 3 types of gift of Revelation

  • Word of Wisdom
  • Word of Knowledge
  • Discerning of Spirit
  1. Gift of Power:

There are 3 types of Gift of Power

  • Faith
  • Word of Miracles
  • Healing
  1. Gift of Inspiration:

There are 3 types of Gift of inspiration

  • Prophecy
  • Diverse Kinds of Tongues
  • Interpretation of Tongues


The Gift of the Holy Spirit is divided into 9 Major Gifts


  • Gift of Word of Wisdom

What is the Gift of Word of Wisdom?

The Gift of Word of Wisdom is the Supernatural revelation of divine purpose, the supernatural declaration of the mind and will of God, the supernatural unfolding of His plans and purposes concerning things, places, people, individuals, communities and nations.

Where are these Word of Wisdom used in the Bible?


There are 6 Major instances of the uses of word of Wisdom in the scripture:

  1. By the word of wisdom John on the Island of Patmos was able to give the 7 churches of Asia Minor the mind, will, and commands of God.
  2. It was used to warm and guide people concerning future judgment of peril Genesis 6:13-22; Matthew 2:20.
  3. To reveal God’s plan to those He is going to use (Gen 41:16; 28:16).
  4. To assure a servant of God of His divine commission (Act 26:16).
  5. To reveal the acceptable order and manner of divine worship (Ex 25),
  6. To assure of coming deliverance in the mist of calamity.


The 5 Major Modern uses of Word of Wisdom

  1. Employed to warm an individual of approaching danger and to deliver him from harm.
  2. To make known, to confirm a missionary’s call.
  3. To apprise of blessing or judgment to come.
  4. To reveal the future (1 Samuel 9,6,15,27)
  5. To give personal guidance in a particular direction in special circumstances-not to supplement human judgment in ordinary circumstances (Act 2:11)


  • Gift of Word of Knowledge


What is the Word of Knowledge?

The Word of Knowledge is the supernatural revelation of certain facts in the mind of God.

The 2 instances of its manifestation in the scripture are:

  1. When John received the revelation of the 7 churches.
  2. When Elisha knew the location of the Syrian Camp.

The 7 Major uses of the Word of Knowledge in Scripture are:

  1. To enlighten and encourage a discourage servant of the Lord (1King 19:14-18).
  2. To warm a king of an enemy’s plan of destruction (II Kings 6:8-12)
  3. To expose a hypocrite (II Kings 5:20-21)
  4. To convince a sinner of the need of a Saviour (John 4:18, 19,29)
  5. To discover a man in hiding (1 Sam. 10:22)
  6. To indicate a man in need (Act 9:11)
  7. To know men’s thoughts (John 2:2; 1 Sam. 10:22)


The 3 Major modern uses of Word of Knowledge are:

  1. Mightily aids in effectual prayer for God’s servant in distress or for those in need of spiritual help.
  2. May be exercised to recover lost person or prosperity.
  3. May be exercised to reveal the causes of sickness or demon – possession.


  • Gift of Discerning of Spirits


What is Discerning of Spirits?

The Discerning of Spirits is giving of supernatural insight into the realm of Spirits.

  • Discerning of Spirits reveals the kind of spirit that is actuating a person who is manifesting supernatural knowledge or power at the time that the miracle is taking place.
  • By operation we may know the true source of any manifestation, whether Divine, or Satanic


5 Major Things That Discerning of Spirits is not are:

  1. It is not spiritual or magical thought reading.
  2. It is not psychological insight.
  3. It is not clairvoyance, psychism, hypnotism, magic, occultism, witchcrafts, sorcery, spiritism – all of these are satanic in origin.
  4. Not keen mental penetration.
  5. Not the power to discover fault in others.


The 4 Major modern uses of Discerning of Spirits are:

  1. To help in delivering the afflicted, oppressed, tormented.
  2. To discover a servant of the devil (Act 13:9,10) Elymas the sorcer distracting the attention of deputy when Paul was preaching.
  3. To aid in checking the plans of adversary (Act 16:16) e.g. the possessed girl who followed Paul and Silas for some days at Philippi.
  4. To exposes plausible errors – like seducing spirits that are responsible for doctrines of devils and damned heresies. (I Timothy 4:12, II Pet. 2:1)
  • There are many foul demons under a clerical coat today preaching the virgin birth, the miracles, the saving blood of Jesus, but deny the reality of sin, the devil, divine wrath, coming judgment, and eternal hell.
  • More often these devilish doctrines are accompanied by signs and wonders, thus the need of the discerning of spirits.
  • To unmask demon miracle-worker. Whatever there is the true; there must of necessity be the false.


Gift of the Healings


What is the Gift of the Healings?

The Gift of the Healings is the miracles manifestation of the spirit for the banishment of all human ills whether organic, or nervous, acute or chronic. These gifts are for the supernatural healing of deceases and infirmities without natural means of any sort.

The 9 uses of the Gift of the Healings the scripture:

  1. To deliver the sick and destroy the works of the devil in the human body (I John 3:8).
  2. To establish Jesus’ astonishing claims (Mark 2:1-12).
  3. To authorize the gospel message as preached by God’s servants (acts 4:29, 30; 4:33; 5:12, Mark 16: 15 – 18; Acts 8:5, 7).
  4. To establish the resurrection of Jesus (Acts 3:15, 16 ).
  5. To draw people within the sound of the gospel.
  6. To turn people to God (Acts 3:6,7; 4:4; 5:!2, 14; 8: 6; 9:40-42).
  7. To convince un believers of the true of God.
  8. To bring glory to God (mark 2:12; Luke 13:17).
  9. To inspire faith and courage in God’s people.


Gift of Working of Miracles


What is the Working of Miracles?

The Working of Miracles is a supernatural Intervention in the ordinary course of nature; a temporary suspension of the accustomed order; an interruption of the system of nature as we know it.

This is some instances/ illustration: Joshua suspending the sun, Jesus walking upon the sea / Peter, the Red.


What is the Gift Working of Miracles?


The Gift Working of Miracles operates by the energy of dynamic sovereign act of the spirit of God irrespective of Laws or Systems. It is the sovereign power of God. God acts as He wills either within or outside of what we understand to be laws of His own making. The Laws is either natural or supernatural. He is not circumscribed by the laws of His own making.


What are 7 Major Uses of the Gift Working of Miracles?

  1. For the miraculous deliverance of God’s people out of hand of the enemy (Ex 14:16). Even

Today, God still works miracles:-

  1. Stops trains,
  2. Directs cars,
  3. Prevents fires,
  4. Muzzles beasts,
  5. Heals incurable diseases, and
  6. Disperses lightening. Abang’s child was under a moving car but was not crushed.


  1. To provide for those in want (ex. 17:1-7; I Kings 17:8-16; Mark 6:32-44, John 21:9)
  2. To carry out divine judgment and discipline. (Acts 5)
  3. To confirm the preached word (Acts 13:11, 12).
  4. To deliver in unavoidable situations of danger (Matt. 8:23).
  5. To raise the dead.
  6. To display God’s power and magnificence.


The 2 Evident Characters of Miracles are:

  1. They make people praise God for the His might acts.
  2. They show forth His


The 3 other references of Miracles Originally

  1. Power                 –              explosion of almightiness.
  2. Wonders –              impelling staggering astonishment.
  3. Works                 –              the visible tokens of an invisible power; a sign of something else.


Gift of Faith


What is the Gift of Faith?

The Gift of Faith is a Gifts of the Holy Spirit that he might work miracles or rather receives them.

The distinct nature and different between faith, fruit of the spirit, saving faith, salvation and natural faith.

These are distinguished in 3 ways:

  1. The gift of Faith as the fruit of the spirit.
  2. It is different from saving faith/ saving faith goes before Salvation but gift of faith comes after salvation and/ or baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  3. It is distinct from natural faith.


There are 8 major uses of Gift of Faith:

  1. For direct supernatural blessings in fulfillment of human utterance (Gen. 27:28, Heb. 11:20).
  2. For personal protection in perilous circumstances (Daniel 6:17-30; Heb. 11:33, Mark 1:13; 16:18, Acts 28:5, Luke 430).
  3. For supernatural sustenance in famine or fasting (I kings 17:3,4,23; 19:4-8, Matt. 4:1-11)
  4. For administering spiritual correction to gross offenders (I Cor. 5:1-5, II kings 2:23, 24)
  5. For receiving the astounding promises of God (Gen 21:5, Rom. 4:20)
  6. For supernatural victory in a fight (Ex. 17:11)
  7. To raise the dead.
  8. In casting out evil spirits.


Gift of Speaking with Tongues


The Speaking with Tongues is supernatural utterances by the Holy Spirit in languages never learned by the speaker and not understand by the hearer.

The 6 Major Value of Speaking with Tongues are as follows:

  1. That men may speak supernaturally to God.
  2. That believers may magnify God (Acts 10:46)
  3. That we may edify ourselves.
  4. That our Spirit might pray. (I Cor. 14:15)
  5. That we may have supernatural rest from weary mind and nerve and relax from mental concentration in praying and praising, and break forth in effortless utterance in Spirit.
  6. That with the gift of interpretation of tongues the church may be edified.



Gift of Interpretation of Tongues


The Interpretation of Tongues is the supernatural showing forth by the spirit of the meaning of an utterance in other tongues.

The Major Purposes of the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues:

To render the Gift of Tongues intelligible to others, so that the church as well as the possessor of the gift, may be edified thereby.



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